Frazioni multiple I, 2010

2010, Frazioni multiple I, in Critical Complicity, 25-28/11, curated Lisa Mazza, Julia Moritz, Lungomare Bozen-Bolzano (further project partners Kunsthalle Exnergasse, Wien; Galerija Skuc, Ljubljana) Frazioni multiple I (Multiple Fractions I), 2010 (Inside the project space Lungomare Bozen-Bolzano. )

Frazioni multiple I consists of “ingots” derived from the hinges of a scrapped shutter, cut into ten 20x40 cm sections. The sections are sold individually and by contract are recomposable into the original structure at the exhibition site. Frazioni multiple develops the artist’s reflection on how works of art are sold, that occurs via its actual sale and use, a work that does not “enter” the art market circuit but is formed and justified by that entry. The custom of breaking down the art work into multiples becomes the content of the work itself, therefore consisting of fractions of a whole and not of multiple copies of an identical object.

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