Traccia 0_via Belenzani 46_Trento, 2009

2009, Traccia 0_via Belenzani 46_Trento, 03/10 2009-31/01 2010, curated by Andrea Viliani, Fondazione Galleria Civica-Centro di Ricerca sulla Contemporaneità, Trento (In the exhibit halls of Fondazione Galleria Civica that in the 70’s hosted the UFO discotheque and the 3Di restaurant.)

Traccia 0_via Belenzani 46_ Trento. An audioguide service offers the public stories regarding events experienced in those places for which the tour is proposed. The recording is made by the person who actually made that experience. Anyone who wishes can take part in the project by sending in their audio track.

Conventional Signs. A geographic map, beginning of 20th Century, indicates the Italian boundaries of the times: Trentino and Alto Adige are not included in the map as they were not part of the Kingdom of Italy.




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