Reset, 2012

2012, Reset, in ENACTING POPULISM IN ITS MEDIÆSCAPE / a project by Matteo Lucchetti/ Kadist Art Foundation, Paris, France

“The land is finished. No more land for the newborn. It has already been divided up among those who came before them and who imposed their own welfare as if it were a common principle. The land possessed is land extorted from everyone, whenever it is defined as handed down, exclusive, individual property. Since our need to live on Earth is temporary, why must our economic being survive us? I would like to replace the right of succession on land with the right of the successive.” (Reset, 2012 by Anna Scalfi Eghenter)

With Kadist it was my intention to promote the collection of signatures for a referendum on the property of land, but in France on 17 February 2012 there was still no referendum by citizens’ initiative. There are only a very few places on earth where a citizen can intervene directly in the mechanism of democracy.

Then I thought we had the permission to stop and turn back. I looked at those countries where private ownership of land is a new thing, where governors are selling to foreign entities enormous stretches of land with all of its inhabitants. I rented for 5 years an acre of land in favour of an African farmer and I put up for sale an acre of Paris without asking its citizens’ permission. And I opened the web page

As of 1st April 2012* the citizens of the European Union have the right to submit to the European Commission legislative proposals sustained with the collection of at least one million signatures of European citizens. The collection can also be done online.

Would you like the issue of land property to be addressed at European level so as to favour its distribution also among future generations?


Permission d'arrêter et de retour, 2012

Ceci n'est pas un referendum, 2012

Land renting, 2012

Paris grabbing, 2012

Prove di pugno chiuso, 2012

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